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Monday, January 17, 2011

A New Year - New Goals

Last year is almost a blur to me.  I feel like I accomplished very little due to all of the medical problems we faced in our home.  I ended up being mostly a nurse for the first part of the year then got heavily into my business of Vinyl for the last part of the year.  I seemed to put aside a lot of my genealogy because there just wasn't any time left.

I have so many projects that I want to do but I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed.  I have this genealogy project in mind but have not figured out exactly how I want to go about doing it.  I have put it on my "Goals for the NewYear".  It seems like ages since I pulled up my genealogy and actually did work on my lines.  I taught a bunch of classes in our Family History Center, I started a Genealogy Blog for those needing help, and I have helped my husband get started in Indexing, but I have not done anything for myself - for MY ancestors.  So that is my goal.  I am going to do this project that I have had in my mind for years now.  This is the year to do it.

So if I state the project will that help me to actually start and complete the project?  I hope so.  Here is my plan.  I know many people make books of their ancestors, and that is what I want to do.  I don't want just a book, I want a video that goes with it.  Many years ago I taped several of my relatives talking about their ancestors.  I have these in audio form.  For Christmas I bought my mom a digital tape recorder and my daughter interviewed her while visiting for the holiday.  My goal is to get my pictures, stories, tapes, and anything else I can find, together in a book and DVD to share with my family.  My goal is to get it done this year.  I still have all of my other things in my life but I am now going to put this as a top priority.

I would love to gather your ideas and post them here.  If you have done something like this and would like to share, please comment on this blog and I will contact you for more details.  I would love pictures too!

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