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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Generations Working Together

I think one of the most precious things to watch is a father and son working together - but the absolute topper is to see Grandson and Grandfather working side by side.  It definitely warms the heart.

My husband had some very serious illnesses earlier this year and it has left him somewhat weakened and unable to do things as he used to.  Our grandson was wanting to go to football camp this summer so together, we accomplish both tasks.  Our grandson comes over and helps take care of our huge lawn and he earns the money for camp.  We live out in the country and over the years, our yard has grown to be quite large.  We do have a riding lawnmower and weed eater but we jumped at the chance to help our grandson and help ourselves in the process. 

I was in the office paying bills (a very distasteful experience) when I looked out the window to watch the two, my husband and our grandson, working on the weed eater.  It just brought tears to my eyes to see the two of them.  I think we as grandmothers often do things with our grandchildren but how many grandfathers take that opportunity?  It is one that all should enjoy.

We are very lucky in that we live very close to two of our children and two others are able to visit often.  That means that we are blessed to be around most of our grandchildren.  Living out in the country, we have many opportunities for work.  It cheers my heart to see my husband out working on wood or something and have some of the grand kids stop and jump in to help. 

I remember as a young girl, my dad's parents lived about an hour away.  We saw them often.  Some of my choicest memories are with them.  My grandfather would pick me up and have me go with him to deliver saws that he sharpened in his saw filing shop.  He had a stroke when I was about 10 and it left him paralyzed on his right side.  He could no longer speak nor use his right arm very well.  I drew even closer to him as I was able to serve him by helping him with some simple every day events that he was no longer able to do by himself. 

As I watch our grandchildren helping us, I hope that they are building some good memories too.  There is nothing that draws the generations closer than to work together.  I hope our grandchildren will remember these days as fondly as we do.  What a true blessing.

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