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Friday, July 9, 2010

Grandchildren - A Blessing!

Three of our grand children stayed at our house after our family reunion.  They live in Southern California and only get here once or twice a year.  They love to come to Grandma and Grandpa's mostly because the weather in Idaho is so much cooler in the summer than at their home and they have room to run and play here (their house is in a tract with a very small yard).  We also have a river with sandy beaches at our place so we get to go to the beach as often as we want.  They will be here for 2 weeks. 

What a joy it has been for grandpa and I to have these kids (ages 3, 5, and 7) here with us.  Our days are usually so quiet but what fun to wake to giggles (the boys trying to be quiet while others are sleeping - NOT!) and singing (our granddaughter begins her day with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star).  It is fun to hear the cute little comments that kids make.  Our granddaughter, the 3 year old, was trying to tell me that her shovel was clean (it had previously been filled with sand at the beach and she had washed it in the river).  I could not understand the word clean (between my bad hearing and her youthful way of talking, I just couldn't make out the word) so she began to explain that when something no longer has mud or dirt on it, it is then CLEAN.  I guess it helps this old lady to get a definition once in awhile.

As grandparents we forget how smart little ones are.  As a young parent, I never really thought about the things my kids did in the way of talking or actions.  I thought it normal but watching grandchildren, I am amazed at how smart they are and how much they can do.  It is so much fun listening to them tell each other about how things work, what things do, and explain some pretty complex thoughts to each other. 

One thing I have noticed as our children have grown and watching our 24 grandchildren, their personalities shine through from the very beginning.  The little behaviors they exhibit as a small child seem to grow with them as they become adults.  I watch these three children and can begin to see the adults they will be.  The 3 year old will be a leader in everything she does.  She already has complete control of her little world.  The 5 year old is funny.  He is well liked by his peers and smart as can be but he will have to be coaxed to progress as he is very content being the "little kid".  The oldest, the 7 year old, has his dad's aptitude - an engineer.  He is smart, independent, stubborn, and determined.  Looking at the other 21 grandchildren, it is amazing to see how little they have changed from when they were babies.  Those that are athletic, are still very athletic, the strong willed continue that way, the leaders and followers are still leaders and followers. 

Grand parent hood is a blessing.  What a joy to have the opportunity to be around the young.  It brings a brightness to our lives.  I am saddened that one of our sons will be taking his family to the other side of the country.  I understand it is necessary, but sad for us none the less.  We have been so blessed to have most all of our grandchildren right around us but I see as they begin to get older that life will be taking them away into their own directions.  Our oldest grandchildren will graduate soon then others follow very quickly.  I am grateful for email and phones to help us stay close with pictures and communication.  As I do genealogy, I realize that in olden days, children would leave home and sometimes never return or never be heard from again.  I just don't think I could handle that.  It is sad to have these families go back to their homes but I know that I can go see them, they can come see me, or we can communicate anytime through the wonders of modern technology.

Our time with these three children vistiting us is drawing to a close.  Our home will be quiet (and clean) again.  I will miss them greatly but I am so grateful for these memories we are creating.  I am grateful that they get to meet their cousins and have a connection to family.  I am grateful to be a grandma and will cherish this time I have with all of our grandchildren.

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