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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 10 - Jack is always right!

This day was hard.  We drove most of the day and are very tired.  Our destination was Nauvoo, Illinois.  We got here about 4:00pm.  We drove through the town and looked at each other like "what is everyone talking about?"  We decided that we were too tired to even know who we are let alone look at another Church Site with interest.

Here is what happened today.  We left Fort Wayne, Indiana very rested and ready to go see some church sites.  We have a GPS that has guided us very well through some very rough areas these last few days.  Well, Jack (our GPS) decided to take us up to a freeway.  There were two problems that we saw with the way Jack chose for us to go - 1) the freeway was north of the way we needed to go...way out of our way  2) it was taking us to a very long toll road when there was a very direct way available that wasn't a toll.  So my husband and I decided that we were smarter than Jack and chose the more direct route.  We have done this several times before and EVERY time, we had to admit that Jack knew best.  But we were sure that this way had to be better than going so far out of our way.  So we muted Jack and chose our own route.  After about a half hour, we were really regretting not taking Jack's route.  He was right again!  We went through the slums, hit every stop light along the way (and there were many), and got stuck behind several trucks moving modular homes.  By the time we finally connected to a freeway, my husband had had it.  He was tired and extremely impatient with the whole drive.  By the time we got to Nauvoo, we both just wanted to move on and head for home.

Well, we decided to get a nice motel room and rest for the night.  After a good dinner, we are feeling better.  We have decided to stay here a couple of nights and be fair about the surroundings.  I have researched the things we want to do tomorrow and I I know that we will have a wonderful time.

No pictures today.  It was not the most fun day as I said.  I had a super headache and kept my eyes closed a good portion of the day (light hurts!).

The moral of this story....Jack has always gotten a bum rap....He does know!

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