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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 9 - Kirtland and back to Fort Wayne, IN

Today has been a travel day.  We left Greenville, PA with a destination of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  We made a stop in Kirtland, Ohio to see the Kirtland Temple.  When we left on this trip, we wanted to travel the back roads.  Today we did just that.  The main roadway to get to Kirtland from where we were and then on to Ft. Wayne took us on those back roads.  What awesome country we got to see.
The Kirtland Temple located in Kirtland, Ohio is owned by the Community for Christ Church.  It was built by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints originally.  We took the 1 hour tour which began with a video and then actually touring inside the temple.  We were not allowed to take pictures inside the temple but could take them outside.  Unfortunately, it was difficult to get to a position where we could get the entire temple in the picture clearly.  Pictures of the temple may be seen on an Internet search.

Traveling through the countryside was delightful.  We were told in Greenville that many of the Amish faith have been buying the farms in the community.  Our cousins stated that the Amish buy these old farms and improve them so they have been quite pleased to have them as neighbors.

We ran into a little village of Amish in Ohio.  It was so exciting to see them driving down the main roads of town.  We also saw a little store where they shopped - they had tied their horses out back so I had my husband drive around back so I could get a picture of the buggies.  We also saw their homes.  You can tell them because they are white, neat, and have no cars there is usually laundry hanging out to dry.

Ohio farms are different from those further east in the fact that the land is FLAT!  Again, the farms were beautiful.  I could not stop looking at them.  The huge barns and nice houses made the farms look different than I have seen in the west.  This has been an extremely wet year all across the northern states from west to east.  The farms were no exception.  Wheat and corn fields that should have been plowed and planted by now have not been touched because the ground is too soggy.  The wet weather sure makes for green grass though!

We ended the evening by going out with our dear friends who have recently moved from Idaho to Indiana.  It was great visiting with them and we are sad that they are gone but we do wish them well in their new venture.,

It was a good day.  The weather today was beautiful all day.  The sites were fantastic!  Tomorrow Nauvoo.

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