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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Welcome - Reason for this blog

Hi, I am pretty new to blogging but thought this would be a fun place to chat with others. If you would like to be a contributer to this blog, please let me know and I will add you. My husband will be retiring very soon and I see that our next stage of life will be very different from the one I have been experiencing for the last...well, for all of my life. I am somewhat nervous about this new phase. I am hoping to hear from others as to things they like to do and place they like to go.

We have 24 grandkids. Many of them live very near to us. It has been so much fun having them close. Things are beginning to change though. Our kids are starting to get the urge to move about which will take our grandkids much further away. One good thing though, we will have plenty of free time to travel. This will also be somewhat new to us as my husband has never been a traveler. He loves being home. Well after a very rough start to this year with some severe illnesses, he is changing his mind and feeling like travel would be fun. So I am nervous about just about everything.

This site will mostly be a place for me to share my experiences but I would love to have others contribute their experiences and thoughts also. Here's Chatting with you!


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