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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Christmas is Around the Corner

I can not believe we are doing this, but my daughter and I are now posting our Christmas vinyl.  We do a lot of vinyl for women's groups and Super Saturday's.  It is so hard to believe since Christmas was just yesterday (ha!), that we are already heading into the holiday season for this year.  This year is just buzzin' by.  It is already time for the early birds to start looking for those Christmas projects. 

My daughter usually is the one to present our new items.  She has much better taste than me when it comes to crafts that people will like.  She always makes the projects and posts them to her blog site then my job is to post it to my vinyl site.  Each step takes more time than I would have thought but I actually love doing the computer part so it is fun for me.  Well, this time "I" actually did the project from beginning to end.  I even took the pictures.  The best part of the whole thing, my daughter loved it!  I actually did it and she loved it! 

I first did the vinyl in black and loved it.  My daughter said it would look great in other colors too so I did it in red.  I love it the most in the red.  Now I am getting excited about Christmas.  Not that I really want to have Christmas soon but Christmas always stirs excitement even in us older folks.  Now I want to create some new designs. 

I am thinking about taking a class in computer designing.  We have Adobe Illustrator.  My daughter uses it all of the time but maybe it is time for me to take a class and learn how to use it too.  I do not believe that we older folks are" too old" to learn some of these new things.  It may take this brain longer to learn but it is fun knowing that we can achieve something in these later years.

I can't believe I am getting excited about Christmas when we have barely begun Spring!  I am looking forward to the great summer days but a little hint of Christmas here and there make me excited about things to come.  To see more designs, check out our website at Vinyl Gifts and More.

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