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Friday, May 21, 2010

Painting This - Leads to Painting That - and EVERYTHING!

Today I decided it was time to get going on my Spring Spiff Up.  I live in a cold part of the country.  All winter I stay snuggled in a warm room heated by a fire not to venture into too many places of the house because they are too cold.  When spring finally gets here, I begin venturing out to those other places only to find that everything seems a little scruffy.  I can't stand it anymore so I whip out the paint and get started with my effort to spot paint.  You know how you have a ding here and there that make things look a little shoddy.  I actually thought that I could take the paint and touch those areas up and everything would look fresh and clean. 

I have to preface something here.  You see, I am creeping into the age that everything seems to have a kink in it when I try to move.  Both knees are shot, both arms have problems, I am admittedly over weight and out of shape, my eyes are not so good, and my hands are shaky.  So here I am thinking that a touch up of paint might be all I can handle. 

I started with the front door.  There were so many dings and dongs on the door that it would have been better to replace the door but I started painting.  As I painted spots on the door I quickly realized that I had to paint the whole door as it really was a mess.  When I finished the door, I looked around and realized that I needed to paint a drawer unit nearby as it was looking horrible against that white door.  When I finished with it I knew I had to paint the shoe shelves as they were worse yet.  Getting the front porch painted, I moved inside.   A touch up around the cat door was next but that made the door look dingy so it got painted but now the trim looks bad. 

I bet you are wondering how good of a job could I possibly do with all of the problems I described.  Well, I have discovered that these days painters tape is my friend.  If I take a few minutes to put some tape up but I can be sloppy (which I tend to be with my bad arms and shaky hands) and then take off the tape to see a fine crisp edge.  I also use chairs to help me get to those low places.  It has been years since I have been able to sit on my knees or even to squat (things I use to do all the time and that I really miss being able to do) so I either have to sit on the floor (and it's not easy to paint sitting) or sit on a chair and bend down.  It may look ridiculous as I am painting but the job is getting done and that is the most important thing.

I finally had to quit for the day but what was to be a quick touch up will now be a week or two of painting.  I know I can't stop at the door.  Actually, I am looking at this as two-fold.  First, I am going to get everything freshened up for summer and second, I just might start getting myself in shape.  All that up and down and moving around, surely something could come off - right?  I can only hope!

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  1. Diane,
    The same thing happened to me with our guest room. A quick touch-up turned into painting the entire room, which then needed new curtains, and finally a matching bedspread for the curtains. Where will it end?