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Monday, May 3, 2010

Good People are Still Out There

I know that the world seems to be changing in many ways but this last week I was reminded that there are some really good people out there.  They are willing to give of their time, energy, money, and anything for the good of their fellow man.

My husband and I went to "help" our son build his garage.  I am really not sure how much help we were but I guess we went to show our support in whatever way we could.  My husband's health has not been good, in fact, he spent the last four months recovering from a very serious infection that almost took his life.  Our son wanted us there so we willingly went.  I had the wonderful pleasure of babysitting so mama could also help on the garage.  Mine was not work - mine was pure delight!  My husband did the best he could with his limitations.

Anyway, we got there on a Friday and our son had planned for a big work day on Saturday.  He had asked a couple of friends if they could help.  Those men and several others showed up ready to work.  Well, not only did they come and work on that Saturday but several came throughout the week to volunteer their time and knowledge.  Some even took off of work.  What a surprise to walk out early in the morning to see men pulling out equipment and ready for work.  Honestly, we would not have been able to accomplish the work that was done without their help.

While we were with our son, I got word that my sister-in-law was in a car accident where she totaled her car and ended up in the hospital.  Immediately after the accident, a man came over to help her.  He stayed by her side to comfort and assist her.  A truck driver and a young family also stopped by to assist.  They managed to gather all of her belongings from the car and sent them with her in the ambulance.  The first man followed the ambulance to the hospital.  A policeman appeared at the hospital to give my sister-in-law a ticket (even though she didn't hit anyone, it was her fault that she hit a mile maker).  This "good Samaritan" man handed her the money to pay the ticket ($110.00).  He also stayed at the hospital until he knew that she would be okay, then disappeared.    (She did track down his name and address as she wants to repay him for his wonderful generosity.)

I do not think I am a selfish person but I don't seem to think of the little things that can make such a huge difference to someone.  I know that these men that showed up to help my son had busy lives.  My son didn't even know some of them very well.  How thoughtful of them to show up, knowing that the work would be dirty and hard, but they did it anyway.  And the man that gave the money - he gave it with no thought, just handed it to her and told her to use it for the fine.  Generosity to a complete stranger!  How many of us would have done that especially with money so tight these days? 

I was reminded of another generous offering that my husband and I received.  Years ago a friend of ours sensed that we were in a desperate way.  We never said a word to him or asked him for money yet he handed my husband an envelope one day and told us to use this for what was needed and do not worry about repaying it but to help someone else if the time ever arose.  My husband is not one to take handouts but it was given in such a way that he could not refuse it.  It was $100.00.  Today that might not seem like much but 30 years ago, it was a great deal.  I have never forgotten that.  Both my husband and I together and separately have had many occasions where we could pay this forward to others.  We are reminded of that generous gift and hope that our helping others can repay him.

I am also reminded of the everyday tasks that people do for one another that go completely unnoticed.  How many times I hear of my children taking cookies or even meals to someone that they may or may not know very well....just because they wanted to share.  Or the cards of encouragement sent to help someone that may be down or alone.  I see this all around me.  It makes me know that there truly are good people out there - ready and willing to give of themselves - not expecting anything in return.

To all of those wonderful people out there that give up their time at home with their families to assist others in whatever they are needing done and money from their pockets, and all of the generous acts of kindness, I thank you. You are amazing. You have been such a huge example to me.   I just want you to know how much you are appreciated.  Thank you!

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